Saturday, January 11, 2014

Loudoun Math

The phrase "canary in a a coal mine" comes to mind with these statistics. In this very informal, brief analysis of public data by a LCPS constituent, while Loudoun County debates how much of the annual school budget to allocate on Promethean Boards, nearly 50% (for 2012-2013) of Loudoun High Schools (14 out of 33) are yielding a Math SOL (Standards of Learning Tests) failure rate equal or greater than the statewide average - and in many cases, almost double the statewide failure rate (for example the Algebra 1 failure rate at Heritage, Freedom, Park View and Tuscarora are all greater than 48%, 2X the statewide average). The numbers simply speak for themselves - the reasons and solutions probably need critical, more focused attention, particularly if LCPS has any chance of evolving its capabilities in STEM education.

Where's the community outrage?

Here's a great new, local startup and resource to help:

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