Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Prince William Propane - the Last Winter Blast

Here's an update from our friends at Hunt Country Propane, providing Loudoun and our southern neighbors in Prince William County propane delivery services.

Loudoun and Prince William counties, along with the rest of Northern Virginia, have taken the same freezing cold hit as the rest of the East Coast, and with so many residents relying on propane for both heat and electricity, we thought that some helpful winter tips might guide local homeowners and businesses through these last few weeks of cold weather.

1. Monitor your usage. We use more propane in the winter- that's a simple fact of life here in the frozen arctic (well, it feels like it!). If you're not on an auto-fill schedule and typically need to call for your propane deliveries (some times for emergency refills), be sure to check your tank regularly. You never want to have less than 25% of your gas left, or you might get caught in nasty weather that could prevent a propane delivery truck from reaching your home and delivering the gas.

2. Keep an weather eye on the sky. Loudoun and Prince William propane suppliers have to scramble to keep up with critical demand when a winter storm is predicted, so make sure to get a delivery the minute bad weather is forecasted. With temperatures dropping quickly below freezing and short-notice snowfalls, it's just plain safe to stay ahead of the weather.

3. Mark your Fill Pipe. If there's snow covering the ground and you're out shoveling around your home or business, make sure to create a path to your fill pipe and clearly mark its location.

4. Driveway safety is a Must! Propane delivery people are tough (like postal workers!), but if your driveway is a sheet of solid ice, they might not be able to complete your delivery and refill your tank. Try to keep your driveway clear and de-iced if you're expecting a truck, or any other visitors!

Lastly: if you’re looking for Loudoun or Prince William propane suppliers, make sure to do your homework! There are a lot of providers out there, and prices shift regularly and sometimes quickly with market conditions. Your current company might not be saving you as much as they could. Hunt Country Propane is a leader in the industry - they've been supplying propane to Loudoun and Prince William County for years. Their Prince William residential propane services are highly regarded with tons of great feedback, and they'll help you take ownership of your tank and its fill status.

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