Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Northern Virginia Dentists & Orthodontists - a Preferred Family Services Directory

Now that most of us are off the holiday sweets and baked goods diet, and on to our New Year's resolutions focused around personal and family health - it's a good time to re-evaluate or reinvigorate attention paid to personal and family dental care. Whether the focus is on orthodontics and Invisalign services, cosmetic dentistry or dentures, teeth whitening services, dental surgery including sedation dentistry, or just general, family and children's dental services - following is a short list of preferred, exceptional dentists and dental practices serving specific areas of Northern Virginia, including Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William and Arlington counties.


General, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Northern Virginia

Sterling, Potomac Falls/Cascades Family and Cosmetic Dental Practice

Seeking family dental services, implant or cosmetic dentistry in the Ashburn area of Loudoun County, including Sterling, Countryside, the Cascades/Potomac Falls communities and the Dulles Town Center neighborhoods? Dr. E. Richard Hughes DDS offers a sterling reputation and long experience delivering local family cosmetic dental services to adults and children in Potomac Falls (formerly the Cascades), with family-friendly weeknight office hours and an extremely convenient location directly off Rt. 7. Dr. Hughes has been trained by and with some of the world's most prominent implant dental specialists. He is known as a leading implant dentist in Sterling and throughout Northern Virginia and the DC Metro Area, and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry (Board Certified). There are less than 400 dentist world wide with this designation and it is the most rigorous "bona fide" dental implant credential to earn.

Find out more about Dr. Hughes and this exemplary Sterling and Potomac Falls dental practice and family dental services by visiting their website, or calling (888) 698-6507 for appointments.

Loudoun County and Leesburg Family and Cosmetic Dental Practice

Perhaps you're searching for a cosmetic dentist or family dental services in the Leesburg area of Loudoun County, right in town or in nearby areas of Purcellville, Ashburn or Lansdowne? Dr. Sandra Varney and Dr. Robert Leipzig and their staff offers an extremely family-friendly, full service dental practice experience for adults and children in Leesburg. This Leesburg dental office was created to help dentistry patients feel welcome and comfortable - the playroom is perfect for entertaining children while your smile is improved. Relax with sedation dentistry while your teeth are repaired with advanced restorative care, and afterwards take a minute for yourself in the private relaxation room.

Find out more about the Loudoun Smiles Leesburg Family and Cosmetic Dental Practice by visiting their website, or calling (703) 779-7779 for appointments.

Reston Town Center Dentist - "Smiles at Reston Town Center"

If you're a professional, visitor or nearby resident of Reston VA, particularly within the Reston Town Center area, the absolute most convenient and highly-equipped modern dental office to visit is the Smiles at Reston Town Center dental practice. The very experienced dentist staff including Drs. Riaz Rayek, Eun Hye Grace Lee, Nassir Barekzi, Maya Bachour and Bob Leipzig offer the full scope of personalized dentistry services, including preventive, restorative, cosmetic, periodontal, and implant dentistry and Invisalign orthodontic treatment. They'll work closely with you in achieving and maintaining long-term dental health and wellness - both for you and your family. The very newly-appointed Reston Town Center dentist office was also created to help dentistry patients and their children feel welcome and comfortable - as well as being an extremely efficient, effective visit for professionals working regular office hours among the numerous Reston Town Center businesses and organizations.

Find out more about the Smiles at Reston Town Center Dental Practice and Dentists by visiting their website, or calling (703) 437-0007 for appointments.

CNS Dental Arlington Family Dentist

If you're in the Arlington VA area, and seeking the most professional, effective and family-friendly environment for dental services - check out Dr. Cara Shantz (a McLean, VA native) and her CNS Dental Arlington Family Dental Services. At CNS Dental you're treated like family and all of your dental needs are provided for in a relaxing and inviting atmosphere - you’ll be amazed at what CNS Dental can do to improve smiles and boost confidence, for you and your children. Dr. Cara Schantz and her Arlington dental practice staff specialize in general oral care, cosmetic dentistry, pain-free dentistry, and Invisalign orthodontic treatment.

Find out more about the CNS Arlington VA Family Dental Practice by visiting Dr. Shantz's website, or calling (703) 304-3881 for appointments.

Individual and Family Orthodontics in Northern Virginia

Lansdowne Orthodontics

For those seeking individual or family orthodontic treatment in the Lansdowne, VA area (including Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling and Purcellville), Dr. Navin Hukmani's Landsowne Orthodontic practice is one of the most experienced, professional orthodontics dental practices available. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Just as there are specialists in medicine (such as cardiologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, etc.), there are specialists in orthodontics. An orthodontist such as Dr. Hukmani is a board-certified specialist who has completed an advanced educational program following dental school to learn the special skills required to manage tooth movement and guide facial development in an efficient and timely manner. The state-of-the-art Lansdowne dental practice delivers orthodontic treatment in an atmosphere that is relaxed and nurturing - with the goal to create beautiful, healthy, properly aligned teeth so our adult, adolescent and child patients can enjoy the physical and psychological benefits gained from smiles that look their best and function properly for a lifetime.

Find out more about the Lansdowne Orthodontics office in Leesburg (Loudoun County, VA) by visiting their website, or calling (703) 858-3600 for appointments.

Manassas, Fredericksburg and Woodbridge VA Orthodontics at Glow Orthodontics.
Families needing professional, experienced orthodontic treatment in the Woodbridge, Manassas or Fredericksburg areas of Northern Virginia need look no further than Glow Orthodontics. Drs. Hukmani and Pandya and their accomplished orthodontic clinical staff and assistants deliver the highest quality of care across at these three regional orthodontic practices. A complimentary initial visit is an important opportunity to get better acquainted, allowing the Glow Orthodontics orthodontists and staff to address patient concerns and answer any questions regarding local orthodontic treatment. Depending upon examination findings, a custom plan for treatment is developed that could begin with any one of the following stages for adult or children's comprehensive orthodontic care - "Observation of Growth and Development", "Interceptive Guidance or Early Interceptive Phase Treatment", or "Full Phase Treatment".

Find out more about the Glow Orthodonics practice in Woodbridge, Manassas or Fredericksburg VA by visiting their website, or calling (703)491-4489 for appointments.

Britto South Riding & Chantilly Orthodontics.

Last but not least, we can personally recommend Britto Orthodontics of South Riding & Chantilly, for their wonderful and family-friendly environment, experienced and professional children's orthodontic expertise, and overall community service as the local South Riding orthodontics providers. Find out more about Britto South Riding Orthodontics by visiting their website or calling (703) 230-6784.

This consumer information posting is an aggregation of community business information, promotional messaging and professional feedback. Would you like to see your dental practice, services or news highlighted here, and across this Northern Virginia home & health services content network? Deliver great dental services in Northern Virginia, and give KME Internet Marketing & Media a call.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dulles South Loudoun Education Visions - via the Dulles South Alliance

At today's Dulles South Alliance Meeting entitled "The State of Loudoun County Schools", several perspectives and strategies for the year(s) to come were presented by Scott York (BOS Chairman), Edgar Hatrick (LCPS Superintendent), Jeff Morse (School Board - Dulles District) and Jill Turgeon (School Board - Blue Ridge District).

Here in the "epicenter of growth" (Dulles South), Mr. York reviewed the themes common to both his latest campaign and the generally unified vision of the Board of Supervisors (BOS) - including ongoing support of the coming MetroRail as "as fundamental to our infrastructure as AOL's original fiber networks now supporting the Loudoun data centers", though not on the backs of future Toll payers "the out-year projections show monthly, weekday tools exceeding $600, or more than a typical car payment". He further explained the new Board's emphasis on finding avenues of savings (on duplication of effort) between the School Board and BOS, to avoid "hiking up taxes - we can't always keep up with the Jones's next door (i.e. Fairfax & Montgomery Counties).

Mr. Hatrick, on the other hand, sees this coming period as a "tipping point", where we (Loudoun) are in fact the "Jones's", and it's now imperative to support and sustain those great investments and new programs within the LCPS system made in recent years - within the compound constraints and competing priorities from economic development needs, affordable housing programs and "educational community" development (i.e. improving and increasing the supply of in-county personnel to fill teaching or other educational support roles). He mentioned that over 93% of the educational employees in the County were physically located in schools, vs. the "head shed" (a.k.a. the LCPS Administration Building) - which is evidently one of the highest area ratios of educator-to-student "hands-on" availability. Therein becomes again visible the conflict of the School Budget; while lower taxes are important to families and businesses and in turn drive an improved economy and supply of great personnel - lower taxes doesn't necessarily support the continuing growth of 2500-3000 new students each year into the school system, and this in a state (Virginia) where the student educational burden is almost entirely borne by the locality.

Mr. Morse's focus zeroed in on the LCPS budget process underway, and his expectation of a completely "bottoms-up" review - with focus on all the things we truly "have" to do, setting aside as possible things we'd "like" to do. In a county "desperate for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) resources" (like the newest STEM activities at Liberty Elementary, and the STEM focus at the nearby Nysmith School in Herndon), perhaps many of the things we'd "like" to do can be accomplished with significant, additional business-education partnership initiatives. This includes encouragement/support (i.e. School Board and community support) for new private schools and alternative education approaches (for example, the coming South Riding area Catholic High School, the newly proposed (2013 6-7th grade enrollment) Loudoun Math & IT Academy, and accelerated private area tutoring programs such as MyEdMaster).

Ms. Turgeon was supportive of this conservative spending position, though remarked that if we're simply budgeting for all the "good" things that can be done (vs. "better" and "best"), we may miss out on some of the "best" things we can provide for students in Loudoun. Both Board members acknowledged the "missing part (in LCPS improvements) is the parents and families", and indicated a lot of effort should be spent on improving not only the interaction between the BOS/Business Community and LCPS, but also the interaction between the community (as represented in the DSBA meeting) and the School Board. (Having attended several School Board meetings myself, there's typically little if any public input or commnity representation).

To further support this theme, Ms. Turgeon's initiatives include increasing visibility of the School Board with a much improved, transparent and useful online website presence. This theme mimics that of the Loudoun DED/EDC, seeking to leverage online tools and assets for far greater transparency and dialogue with the community - though it may need to happen outside of the local government framework.

In some follow-up conversation, an issue did surface about consistent challenges in county-wide educational program (especially IT initiatives) coordination, across the educator community - and Ms. Turgeon suggested the need for a CIO (Chief Information Officer) role for LCPS...I personally support this position (and can supply a resume!), and I'd further suggest that in addition to more professional management and execution of integrated educational technology investment programs, the School Board take a look at the public/private relationship established between the Board of Supervisors and the business community, via the EDC (Economic Development Commission). Perhaps an "Educational Investment Commission" or "Education Development Commission" be formed in the same manner, to enable a well-represented and somewhat independent framework for the purposes of supporting and advising the School Board.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Loudoun County EDC Transitions New Leadership & New Members for 2012

This week's first meeting of 2012 for the Loudoun County Economic Development Commission featured installation of new members and transition to new leadership - from John Wood (CEO of Telos Corporation) to Shaun Kelley (Senior VP, PNC Financial Services Group).

New "Group B" Commissioners (3 year term) included Christopher Charron (CEO/Owner, Charron Construction Consulting, Inc.), Benjamin Leigh, Esq. (Partner, Atwell, Troxell & Leigh PC) and Keith Segerson (Associate VP for Economic Development & Executive Director, The Mason Enterprise Center (MEC)) .

New "Group C" Advisory Commissioners (1 year term) included Sharon Virts-Mozer (Owner and President, FCi Federal), Todd Pearson (VP of Acquisitions & Development, B.F. Saul Company), Sharon Steele, Esq. (General Counsel, Mid-Atlantic Security & Training LLC) and Ted McLaughlan (Homeland Security IT Consultant; Co-Owner and CTO, KME Internet Marketing).

One new member was appointed this week to the Rural Economic Development Commission (REDC) - Jean Brown (Bed & Breakfast Industry), Owner of The Oakland Green B&B, and member of the Historic District Review Committee among other local organizations.

Several New Year themes emerged from the meeting agenda and discussion, solidly in support of the "Loudoun is Open for Business" tagline. Scott York (Loudoun BOS Chairman, among several Loudoun Supervisors present) reiterated the focus of the new board on Loudoun's economic development priorities, among which included significant attention to Dulles Airport access from the Rt. 50/28 corridor in the Dulles South region, as well as a southern airport access route. Ken Reid (Leesburg District Supervisor) reiterated the "Live, Work, Play" tagline reflecting support for establishment of a County Arts & Cultural District to compliment and support the Leesburg Arts & Cultural District. The reported objectives and status from individual committees reflected continuing support for small business assistance, Dulles Metro to Loudoun, and continued growth of the Data Center industry segment.

A particularly interesting topic was raised - that of exploring ways in which the community of business leaders participating in the EDC could develop, support and possibly assist in developing finance strategies for Loudoun-wide economic development objectives - via a non-governmental organization construct different from that of the current EDC. One potential tool that could therefore be more appropriately, widely and successfully leveraged would be digital social media and other online assets of local businesses - this concept having been surfaced in early 2010 here in this blog.

We'll note that significant additional opportunity for online, transparent dialogue and information or idea-sharing about these topics, can be very effectively conducted via the public Loudoun Business social media group on LinkedIn (among others). This type of online dialogue works better, in our opinion, than trying to engage in discussion via blog comments. Join us there!

The next EDC meeting is the first Friday of February - all meetings are open to the public, as are sub-committee meetings...this year would be an especially good year for businesses and Loudoun residents interested in supporting the renewing economic development and growth of the County to attend and support EDC events and activities.

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