Friday, October 11, 2013

Dulles South Roundabout Needed, Supported by Facts - Pleasant Valley & Braddock Road on Fairfax Loudoun Border

A long-needed solution to the ridiculous traffic situation experienced by both Fairfax and Loudoun residents in the Dulles South area is coming to a head, at the intersection of Braddock Road and Pleasant Valley. Opposition has built by the Fairfax residents - though there truly is not much reason at all, in the eyes of VDOT, Loudoun or Fairfax Supervisors, to delay construction of the proposed roundabout.

Here's a reprint (from the Facebook South Riding Community Group) of some of the opposition points, and very reasonable rebuttal facts regarding the very appropriate and needed roundabout approach proposed by VDOT for the Pleasant Valley & Braddock Road intersection - in the Dulles South border area between Loudoun County and Fairfax County. A proposal irrefutably supported by need, common sense and factual traffic engineering data.

1) It will increase traffic on Pleasant Valley through VA Run from people trying to get the Dulles Tech corridor form points south and west who want to avoid 28 and 66. Response: The traffic is already there, and the project will allow it to flow more safely and efficiently.

2) It will result in more people speeding on Pleasant Valley. Response: This has nothing to do with the roundabout.

3) It will be less safe (citing the Gilbert corner circles). Response: Not even close. This FHA report documents that intersections that have been converted to single-lane roundabouts have an average of 51% LESS accidents and 73% fewer injury accidents.

4) Neighborhoods in Fairfax County that exit onto Braddock and Pleasant Valley won't be able to turn out of their neighborhoods because of the constant stream of traffic. Response: Traffic modeling shows that traffic density PAST the intersection will be the same after a couple hundred feet REGARDLESS of the type of traffic control put in place at the intersection. The neighborhoods will have no more trouble after than they do now.

5) Traffic along Braddock will "fly" through the intersection. Response: The speed limit approaching and in the roundabout will be 15mph.

6) A traffic circle 'favors' Loudoun county traffic because Pleasant Valley traffic (heading north) with have to yield to Braddock traffic (heading east) and never be able to enter the roundabout. Response: Simple misunderstanding of how traffic circles work. The speed limit in the circle will be 15mph. Natural car separation while driving as well as cars entering from the other directions will open up gaps in the roundabout.

7) It isn't needed. They should wait until the 50 construction is done which will solve all their problems. Response: Ha.

8. It will be a disaster "like the traffic circles in downtown DC". Response: Those are signal controlled traffic circles, not modern roundabouts.

9) Environmental concerns. Response: Roundabout has significantly smaller environmental footprint than a traffic light and I'd argue less emissions and fluid impact than cars standing at idle for 10-15 min.

10) It isn't our [Fairfax County's] problem… Loudoun shouldn't have built so much housing in this part of the county without infrastructure to support it. (Ok, I agree with this one).

If you want more information, the VDOT project page is located here:

Information brochure here (including contact info):

Here is the analysis of alternatives:

The poster boards that were up are here:

Please, please, please, … provide your comments to feedback regarding this project (They must be RECEIVED by October 23rd).

Send an email to Mr. Bud Siegel at and (Include "Braddock and Pleasant Valley Roundabout" in the subject line).

You can also snail mail your comments card by printing out the following, stamping and dropping in the mail: .

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