Friday, October 31, 2008

INOVA and HCA positions on Dulles South Rt. 50 Healthcare

New information from INOVA and HCA regarding Dulles South healthcare in the Rt. 50 corridor...information provided to the Loudoun County Planning Commissioner, Dulles District.

Dulles South Rt. 50 Hospital News

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Northern Virginia Moms Night Out - Nov. 9th 3-8PM

Modern Moms Shopping in Northern Virginia

The most fabulous Northern Virginia Moms Night Out (MNO) “party for a cure” is coming up, this November 9th (Sunday), 3-8PM, at the Reston Hyatt. All profits benefit the National Breast Cancer Research Institute!

I Am Modern Media (Media and Magazine for Modern Moms) - is throwing an extravagant party for Northern Virginia and Washington DC modern moms, complete with 2 Yummy “Moderntinis” (Pomegranate Martinis), “Swag Bags” worth over $250 (the swag bag alone is worth coming!), Delicious Appetizers, Dessert Bar, Shopping from Fabulous NOVA and DC local Vendors, Massages, Manicures/Pedicures, Hairstyling, Spa Treatments, Chocolate Sampling, Tasty Cakes, Treats and more!!!

Turn off the Redskins, get out the party togs, call up the girlfriends, and hustle on out to Reston for the modern women and moms party of the year, and an afternoon of great holiday shopping, fun and pampering!

Get advance Modern Mom’s Night Out tickets here….

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

4 Critical Services Required for Effective Website and Internet Presence

4 Critical Services Required for Effective Website and Internet Presence

As an Organization or Fairfax/Loudoun County Business or Business in Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland, these economic conditions make it especially difficult to budget, prioritize and manage scarce dollars for effective Internet website development and marketing activities. What are the most important and critical factors in making sure your web development and marketing money is wisely spent, for the best return?

Here's a quick roundup of the "4 Most Critical Services Required for Effective Website and Internet Presence". This is information that's extremely hard to find in one place - mainly because very few regional or local companies can actually provide all 4, especially #4:

  1. Website Design and Branding
  2. Internet Marketing and Social Media
  3. Web Technology and Hosting
  4. Information Technology Management



Thursday, October 23, 2008

Loudoun Politics - Sarah Palin VP Candidate in Loudoun - Leesburg 10-27 9AM

From the Loudoun GOP site:

Leesburg, VA – October 23, 2008 – The Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC), one of the largest and most active GOP grassroots organizations in the Commonwealth, is proud and honored to announce that Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, will be holding a rally here in Loudoun County on Monday, October 27th, at JR Festival Lakes in Leesburg, with gates opening at 7:00 am and the rally to commence at 9:00 am.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's really not "Loudon" or "Lound" - as FCW seems to think

Evidently, Loudoun County is a bit too backwater an exurb for the downtown DC folks at Federal Computer Week ( to bother with spellchecking...quite insulting, actually, for the thousands of government technology professionals who call Loudoun home.

Update: They've fixed this, based on a note from us - so it's been updated, but here's a glimpse of the previous error:



Loudoun Board of Supervisors and Mr. Miller say "No" to Dulles South (Southern Loudoun) Children and Parents

Today's vote and comment regarding approving a special exception for building new schools on the Lenah property in Dulles South was a lengthy process with lots of good content and insight from our Board. Best statement, from Ms. Klimek-Buckley:

"In the world of Education, playing the time game doesn't work".


"I'm having trouble finding valid reasons to deny...need to hold my nose and vote for it". (Burton)


"I'm convinced the Lenah school site is located in the center of the student service area...." (York)

Here's the final tally:

Miller (Dulles South Representative) - NO new schools
McGimsey - No new schools
Waters - No new schools
Kurtz - No new schools
Burke - No new schools

Delgaudio - Yes
Klimek Buckley - Yes
York - Yes
Burton - Yes


Monday, October 20, 2008

Time for the Dulles South Schools Test

It’s time for the first significant test of Dulles South voter wisdom in this past Board of Supervisor elections. Is our elected representative representing?

Tonight was the last public comment period before the Loudoun Board of Supervisor’s vote (scheduled for 10AM tomorrow morning) on the special exception required to build 2 new Dulles-South area schools on a property near Lenah Run. About 56 persons signed up to speak, with about 120 in the audience, and a smattering of kids.

First to speak included a South Riding (by far the largest contingent represented) resident with 2 children, stressing the bussing that went on prior to new schools – as a disaster, the worst experience of their lives, leaving no time for quality of life. (We’ll second this complaint, having learned from many over the years of the horrid behavior, lack of discipline and harmful or unwanted physical overtures on long bus rides to Ashburn.) Many followed, just about all in favor of the critical Lenah property – to round applause on “vote” yes appeals.

Others made similar arguments, to similar reception. Even students affected by the issue got into the act - a 5th –grader from Little River expressed her concern about her future, worried about splitting up among many different schools, with special buses, 2-3 hours a day on a bus. “Didn’t our parents vote to pay taxes for new schools?” she asked.

One community member asked everyone stand who supported the Lenah site - only about 15-20 didn’t stand.

A signed petition of 1000 names in support of the Lenah site was presented by Jeff Morse, South Riding HOA president.

Only 3 arguments surfaced in support of further delays.

Following are a long list of other topics and comments from the speakers, in support of the Lenah property as proposed by the School Board. The reasons FOR are just about endless; the reasons AGAINST are few:

• Property was purchased at a fair price, as an integrated plot.
• Social cost of constant boundary changes is greater than financial cost.
• Can not use cost as a reason to vote no.
• No need to issue bonds for MS-5 till Fall 2009.
• Don’t know anybody in South Riding or Stone Ridge who’s against this proposal.
• One of the wealthiest counties can’t provide schools for its children.
• Do not punish children based on special interests and narrow-minded anti-development agendas.
• Which is more important, taking on “Greedy Greenvest” or educating our children?
• Complete lack of representation by our elected supervisor.
• There isn’t a better or cheaper site.
• Previous BOS provided schools when they were necessary.
• Lenah is legal, affordable, available, local.
• Very disappointed in Mr. Miller, and you don’t seem to be concerned or listening to us – our prior supervisor did fight for us.
• Bussing to only spare corners for the foreseeable future.
• Mr. Miller needs to work hard to educate fellow supervisors on the benefits.
• Lambert doesn’t pass the smell test, and it really reeks.
• An indisputable tidal wave, mushrooming of the population of children.
• Lenah’s ready now, it’s been ready for 2 years.
• Consider the numbers, ignore special interest.
• Let’s not point fingers within the county at who’s to blame – but let’s make decisions now and look back and take credit for the positive.
• Loudoun County Economic Development Strategic Plan – how will driving our kids all around the county support this.
• Heavy commuter and truck traffic, construction, traffic lights – a terrible disruption in their education, a serious quality of life issue.
• We can’t search for that imaginary, perfect site.
• What you don’t see, for every person here, are 5-6 persons at home with the same opinion.
• 1000 signatures from Dulles South – you would think this would count for something – perhaps not.
• Many of you were elected on the platform of restoring faith – perhaps not.
• The children are still coming.
• Waiting for another option is not a strategic plan.
• Mr. Miller came down to tell his constituents they wouldn’t get a hospital or new schools.
• Rt. 50 isn’t just a bunch of temporary clutter on the way to where the special things are.
• It can’t be the cost – we have the money.
• Children are being used as pawns in this great debate.
• What we have is what we have – we’re not creating any more land.
• It seems like it’s all about Greenvest – not about our children. Look beyond who owns the land now, to who will own it in the future – and that’s our children.
• Appalled that the Board won’t include us – again.
• What do you expect children to do messin’ around for an hour on the bus?
• What has this end of the county done to you that we have to go through this over and over again?
• Student – the size of the classes doesn’t affect me as much as the prospect of long bus rides.
• Just as the Feds have taken swift and decisive action lately, so should you at a local level.
• Commuting 1 hour each way isn’t even in the realm of being reasonable.
• Some think they know more than the School Board, who worked over 3 years on bringing forward this site.
• Don’t put Dulles South at a disadvantage from other communities that you serve.
• Don’t turn around and punt, but score the touchdown.
• Psychological and physical stress on the buses – bullying, violence – why would we subject children to this, under custody of low-paid, low-skilled employees?
• Lenah supporters want to “hear birds chirp”, “not see soccer balls”.
• Do your job as elected officials.
• With so much information, who can we listen to – we listen to those government groups, HOAs, etc. who know what they’re doing.
• If there’s one thing we know how to do, we know how to vote.
• Bowman Consulting – to build Lambert would be $42M vs. $26 for Lenah.
• The current traffic conditions simply don’t support addition of dozens of buses to the roads during rush hour.
• The Lenah site is smack dab in the middle of the Dulles South area.
• Overpopulating the classrooms leads to suffering for all children.
• We’ve been patronized by Mr. Miller and members of his staff.
• I would like my children not to be on unsafe roads, in unsafe intersections.
• We moved to Stone Ridge in good faith that the Lenah school expansion was coming.
• You can’t do homework on the bus, or use a computer on the bus.

Overheard in private conversation – “perhaps we can impeach and re-elect Steve Snow”.

A few lucky individuals got to raise other concerns swirling around the County at this time, including the Meals Tax issue, the next Loudoun Hospital or “Hospital Turf War” as it was put, and support for HOA quality of life in rezoning actions – more to come in the next few weeks especially on the needed Loudoun Hospital in the Dulles South region.

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Unconfirmed Shooting on Rt. 28 this past Friday morning

According to verbal accounts, "officially" unconfirmed at this time (news reports forthcoming), on Friday a woman/mom driving south about 7:30 AM on Rt. 28 before Rt. 50, with children, was shot at in her car by someone driving a brown pickup. The back window was shot out. The pickup evidently left 28 west on Rt. 50, while the woman (unharmed) went east to the Chantilly Police Station.

So far, no alerts have been issued - but we understand more news to come tonight.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dulles South Hospital Rt. 50 - Loudoun County

Much more to come in the next weeks....

Dulles South Loudoun Hospital from South Riding on Rt. 50

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Loudoun Supervisor Miller To Reconsider Essential Dulles South Lenah School Site

In the face of overwhelming opposition against an extremely unpopular inclination by Stevens Miller (Loudoun Board of Supervisor - Dulles South Region) to not support the special exception vote needed for a desperately-needed set of new Dulles South schools, Mr. Miller agreed in principle to more carefully and completely weigh and consider both the facts on the table and the vast majority of constituent support evidenced at last night's town hall meeting on the issue.

Mr. Miller hosted a conversation last night with Dulles South constituents at Mercer Middle school, and engaged in frank, open dialogue with over 200 parents and citizens - at least 90% of whom were unequivocally unanimous in their message to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors - "the Lenah school site is the right place, with the right approvals, at the right time, for the future of the county and its children".

loudoun supervisor stevens miller addresses dulles south crowd supporting lenah run school site

The meeting itself was very spirited, with a mix of audience-initiated banter and response and a steady stream of eloquent speakers addressing Mr. Miller, the crowd, and a couple of "Loudoun's finest" on hand to enjoy the community support. Dulles South representation came from the entire district, with a majority from the South Riding and Stone Ridge areas.

Mr. Miller himself was extremely engaged and provided much helpful information - in the face of what amounted to an onslaught of well-read and popular opinion regarding an exceptionally critical decision to support Loudoun's current school overcrowding situation and dire projections. Mostly on the defensive, with little support for his current undecidedness or the apparent litany of existing economic, policy, education and political support for the Lenah school site selection, Mr. Miller received a very thorough taste of the massive wave of constituent pressure building quickly in Southern Loudoun.

By far the best metaphor of the day involved the spectre of the current and quickly-rising school-age children population growth - a speaker compared Mr. Miller's arguments to "arguing over the cheapest bucket to catch the leaks from the building flood - we need to stop the flood, not focus on the bucket". Mr. Miller's arguments seemed to revolve around making sure the "least worst option" was selected - which by these measures has already proven to be the Lenah school site.

Update - per the Dulles South Neighbors for Education site, the next and possibly last opportunity for Dulles South and Loudoun parents, moms and dads to convince their elected representatives to actually respect their concerns and overwhelming direction is this coming Monday:

Board of Supervisors Public Input
Loudoun County Government Building
1 Harrison Street, S.E. • Leesburg VA 20175

Monday, October 20
6:30 pm

Call 703-771-5072 to sign up to speak.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dulles South Students - Your New High School is in Leesburg

Controversy and decision-making continue to swirl regarding the approval of the Lenah sites for future schools, dealing with the rapidly-arriving overflow of student population to hit the area.

Be sure to attend tomorrow night's community meeting about this with Loudoun County BOS/Dulles District Supervisor Stevens Miller:

7:00 P.M. – 9:30 P.M.
42149 Greenstone Drive
Aldie, VA 20105

The options are particularly bleak, if the Lenah sites remain unapproved, and no comparable options come to fruition in the very near term. Here's a response from Loudoun County School Board Dulles Representative Robert Dupree, to a Dulles South constituent and concerned parent - note the option of Dulles South students attending High School in Leesburg:

"Dear XXX:

We are planning to do boundaries this spring regardless of the Board of Supervisors' decision on Lenah.

If they approve Lenah, then the boundary process will be to determine which children/neighborhoods will go to the Lenah schools and which will stay at Mercer/Freedom.

If they do not approve it, then we will consider options regarding which neighborhoods will be sent to Stone Hill Middle School on a more long-term basis. We had purposefully avoided using Stone Hill to relieve Dulles South when the school was opened and have only reluctantly been using it on a temporary "bandaid" overflow basis this year. If Lenah is approved, we will continue the bandaid/overflow for one more year, but if not then we will consider new boundaries on a more long-term basis that would take likely take effect next fall and remain so until a site can be secured and approved, which could take several years.

For high school, if Lenah is rejected we really won't have any seats to spare in any of the three Ashburn schools. Briar Woods will hit capacity in two years, right after Freedom does, so there won't be any relief coming there. And Stone Bridge is already over capacity and Broad Run doesn't have much room. So when we do boundaries, looking ahead to 2010, at that point, the only available seats to relieve Freedom would be in Leesburg, where we expect to free up some room at Heritage and Loudoun County with the opening in 2010 of Tuscarora High School on the north side of Leesburg.

These are not good options. We don't want to have to send neighborhoods from south of Route 50 up to Ashburn for middle school or to Leesburg for high school. If we have to do this, I hope you will weigh in before the School Board as far as your preferences. But I hope we can secure approval of our Lenah application, which fully conforms with the county's smart growth policies, and don't have to resort to such alternatives.

As far as the Planning Commission decision, the findings given for denial were not, in our view, valid. In fact, one of the grounds for denial would also preclude other possible sites that opponents are putting forth as alternatives. Our staff presented a 15-point response to the Board of Supervisors last night rebutting the Planning Commission's stated rationale. I will see if I can get an electronic copy to forward to you.

I hope this answered your questions.

Robert DuPree
Chairman & Dulles District Representative
Loudoun County School Board"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Internet Checklist for Starting a Business in Loudoun County

We recently looked through the Loudoun Department of Economic Development’s "Checklist for Starting a Business in Loudoun County". It’s chock full of useful information and guidance, for businesses of many types, large and small.

What was curious, was that the word “Internet” wasn’t used at all.

That said, we offer here our own basic “Internet Checklist for Starting a Business in Loudoun County”:

Company Presence

  • Establish a website, with a clear “About Us” page, including your Loudoun address, directions and service hours. Use new photos or even videos of your new business. (Need help with a video? Try Trivision Studios.) Redirect old sites to the new one.

  • Register your business with Google/MSN/Yahoo “Local” services.

  • Include Geospatial Metatags on your website, of your location in Loudoun.

  • Update your YellowPages listings, online and off.

  • Update your business name in DMOZ, and Yahoo Directories.

  • Spellcheck - don't spell it "Loudon"

Networking and Communication

  • Join the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce and/or the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce – use their logos on your website, and update your information on their websites.

  • Join smaller Business Networks, like the Dulles South Business Alliance or Loudoun Business Alliance – as applicable - making sure your online information is updated.

  • In your online social media pages (i.e. on your blog, your wiki, your LinkedIn or Facebook pages), include your new Loudoun address and contact information.

  • Update your email footers to include your new location in Loudoun – and send a new broadcast out to your mailing list about it.

  • Establish a new email account(s), specifically for your Loudoun business

  • Update your online business networks – for example at MerchantCircle – invite your new business neighbors!

Marketing & Advertising

  • List your business on local directories, such as Dulles South Online, Visit Loudoun and/or LoudounPedia (as applicable).

  • Make sure your business is listed in localized “review” sites, like Yelp – encourage reviews among your customers and partners!

  • Send a press release to the Loudoun Papers, for example the Loudoun Times, with an update on your location and services (make sure it's online as well as printed) – or take out a paid advertisement, as your marketing budget allows. Or construct a "Social Media Press Release" (contact KME Internet Marketing about this).

  • Take out an ad in a local magazine, like "Modern Moms of Loudoun County" - the ad should appear on their great website as well.

  • Notify local realtors of your new business, for possible referrals - like Ingrid Myers, Realtor - business partner links very often are included on local real estate/broker websites.

  • Upload photos and/or videos of your new Loudoun business location, along with updated information about your business, to relevant social media sites like "Flickr" – using “Loudoun” in the keywords and tags.

  • Get a “Made in Loudoun” tag!

  • “Capture the Market” in the search engines with respect to your Loudoun business – for example “Loudoun Internet Marketing” – (this will likely require local, professional Loudoun Internet Marketing/SEO/Social Media services).

These are the minimum things necessary to solidly establish your business on the Internet as a respected Loudoun business entity.

Contact KME Internet Marketing for assistance with these activities, and provide any other ideas/questions here in the comments!

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Giving Online This Holiday Season

It's never too early to consider charitable donations for the upcoming Holiday Season - it's also easier than ever to establish donation vehicles all year long with tools like "First Giving".

From KME Internet Marketing's Loudoun SEO/SEM Blog

"Heading into the Holiday season, especially in this very dire economic climate, it's likely that donations to charity will be much slimmer this particular year. It is, however, much easier than ever before to donate online to your favorite charity or non-profit, and it very well may be a much more appreciated and needed contribution this year over others past. Here in Loudoun County, for example, the prospect of significant cutbacks in County services and philanthropic donations is pointing to 2009 as a year in which all charitable services and foundations will have to work harder than ever to keep up with expenses and fundraising while just maintaining basic services.

Consider establishing a personal or company-sponsored fundraiser - to help whatever charitable interest you're most concerned with..."

KME Internet Marketing, for example, recently established an online fundraiser for the Loudoun Education Foundation.


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Friday, October 03, 2008

Northern Virginia Businesses - Online Marketing Tips and Local Discussion Just for You

Do you own, operate or work for a DC metro/Northern Virginia business, with an interest in promoting your work or business on the Internet? There are many things to consider, many tools to use, and sometimes what seems to be an overwhelming number of concepts and new technologies to understand.

One place to start is our very own KME Northern Virginia Internet Marketing and Social Media blog ("Loudoun SEO") - very current, professional, informative postings for small or large businesses, organizations or even individuals interesting in controlling online reputation.

Take a look, comment, send back questions or ideas to us for further discussion topics - benefitting the entire Northern Virginia and Loudoun County business/organization online community.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Economy Drives Frivolous Lawsuits Way Up

Speaking with our USAA Insurance Agent the other day, the topic came up that this particular insurance carrier is experiencing a large increase in the number of lawsuits it needs to defend its members against. It turns out that the failing economy is driving many persons to comb through old records involving accidents they were in, hire a sleazy, crafty lawyer, and slap a quick lawsuit together in the expectation that the insurer will generate a quick settlement. Easy cash, is the expectation.

There is, checking around the web, also evidence that the rate of employee-filed lawsuits against their employers is way up, also, in addition to person-to-person lawsuits.

Filing frivolous lawsuits in the hopes of a quick payday is a clear sign of the rising level of desperation among struggling homeowners, and the vultures they attract.

Whether you're an individual or business, check your insurance policy, and make sure it's up to date with appropriate liability coverage against lawsuits.

Check also with Loudoun - South Riding Insurance for more local policy options.

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